Wholesale Orders are at the heart of what we do. So what exactly does that look like?

Simple Design

Retail is extremely competitive and we understand that you’ve put alot of thought, blood sweat and tears into creating your own unique retail brand. The last thing we want to do is have our brand clash with yours! So our products come in a simple packaging style (Black and White) and offer a cohesive look when displayed as a small or large feature. We also offer private label items which enable you to utilise your own branding collaborating with us on the product packaging.

Affordable, Premium Quality

Premium quality at an affordable price. Yes it is that simple, and that true. We only use premium graded essential and fragrance oils and high quality Natural Soy Wax, Salts and Colourants. All our products are tested thoroughly before they are set for sale and a batch of each new supplier delivery is tested for quality standards.

Extensive Range

Our extensive range includes over 15 hand curated scents (in stock), with access to even more custom scents if you’d like to look at bespoke or exclusive lines. Our retail offering covering the basics in terms of containers, but with wholesale we can get alot more creative, candle tins, ceramics, concrete, marble – you want it we can do it!

Speedy Service

Not only do you get personalised service and great quality with us, you also get it fast! Restocks are available in a 2-3 day turnaround and new items can be ready in as little as 7 days (Depending on supply of un-stocked fragrances/containers). 

Marketing Support

We don’t just ‘set and forget’ your order.  We offer catalogue and social media marketing packs to help you work through your stock. Product and Lifestyle images, videos, social media shoutouts and tags as well as pre written product and range descriptions are all at your fingertips. Oh and did we mention we can help you with some custom Point of Sale? 

For Wholesale Enquiries please email us at info@popgifting.com.au